My daughter is missing 2024 #LMN | New Lifetime Movies 2024 | Based On True Story

My Daughter is Missing 2024 – New Lifetime Movie Based on True Story

My Daughter is Missing 2024: A Gripping Lifetime Movie

? Lifetime Movies Network (LMN) has once again captured the hearts of viewers with its latest release, “My Daughter is Missing 2024.” This heart-wrenching film is based on a true story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The Plot

? The movie follows the story of Sarah Johnson, a devoted single mother who wakes up one morning to discover that her teenage daughter, Emily, is missing. As Sarah frantically searches for her daughter, she uncovers a web of secrets and lies that lead her down a path of danger and deception.

? With the help of a determined detective, Sarah races against time to find her daughter before it’s too late. As the investigation unfolds, Sarah realizes that the people closest to her may not be who they seem, and she must confront her own past to uncover the truth about her daughter’s disappearance.

The Cast

? The cast of “My Daughter is Missing 2024” delivers powerful performances that will tug at your heartstrings. Emma Roberts shines as Sarah Johnson, portraying a mother’s unwavering love and determination to find her daughter. Joining her is the talented Michael B. Jordan as Detective Mark Thompson, who brings a sense of urgency and compassion to his role.

? Rounding out the cast are seasoned actors such as Viola Davis, who plays Sarah’s confidante and ally in the search for Emily, and John Lithgow, who portrays a mysterious figure from Sarah’s past. Each actor brings depth and emotion to their characters, drawing viewers into the gripping narrative.

The Real-Life Inspiration

✨ “My Daughter is Missing 2024” is inspired by true events that have touched the lives of many families. The film sheds light on the harrowing reality of missing persons cases and the toll they take on loved ones left behind. Through its powerful storytelling, the movie aims to raise awareness about the importance of community support and resources for families in crisis.

The Impact

? Lifetime Movies Network has a long history of producing impactful films that resonate with audiences. “My Daughter is Missing 2024” is no exception, as it tackles themes of love, loss, and resilience in the face of adversity. The movie serves as a reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the bonds of family that withstand even the darkest of times.


? In conclusion, “My Daughter is Missing 2024” is a must-watch for fans of compelling and emotionally-charged dramas. With its talented cast, gripping plot, and real-life inspiration, the movie is sure to leave a lasting impact on viewers. Tune in to Lifetime Movies Network to catch this captivating film and be prepared to be moved to tears and inspired by the power of love and hope.


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